10 August 2023: Reservoir Update

Flow Facts: 4 August to 10 August 2023

We are currently in the Summer Temperature Management Program. Releases are subject to fluctuations through the STMP period. The main purpose of STMP is to cool the Nechako for fish migration. Through weekly Flow Facts and attached graphics, we report on average discharge for the week. If you have questions about STMP, email [email protected]

  • Reservoir level decreased in the past 7 days from 2795.41 feet to 2795.05 feet.
  • Skins Lake Spillway (SLS) discharge is currently 169 m3/sec, in accordance with the Summer Temperature Management Program (STMP), which concludes on 20 August.
  • Eight (8) millimetres of precipitation was recorded last week, with approximately five (5) millimetres of precipitation anticipated over the next 7 days.
  • Real-time and historical information on reservoir activity can be viewed at any time by clicking here. Please see images below for further details regarding current reservoir conditions.