Summer Temperature Management Program (STMP) now in effect

The Summer Temperature Management Program (STMP) is now in effect through to 20 August. Read below about the STMP and how we are doing things differently.

What is the Summer Temperature Management Program (STMP)

STMP is focused on protecting salmon during migration through the Nechako River. The program is a provincial regulatory requirement and implemented by third party fishery biologists and hydrologists, who collect data and analyze trends to determine spillway operations to regulate water temperatures in July and August. STMP period runs from July 10 to August 20.

What are we doing differently?

Following discussions with our communities around STMP, we are moving towards a gradual increase of water discharge in preparation for the Summer Temperature Management Program (STMP). This means that we are not going to release the entire volume of water needed for STMP all at once, instead we are shaping our flow releases to be gradual, as that is a priority for the communities in the Nechako watershed.