Mission Accomplished: Kemano T2 Completion

This month, Rio Tinto is celebrating the completion of the Kemano T2 Project, securing sustainable operations in B.C. for decades to come. Read more about this milestone in the final Project Update.

It’s with mixed emotions that I am introducing the last Kemano T2 Project update. We are extremely proud of the work accomplished these past years but saddened to leave such a unique area where Mother Nature is in charge.

The recently completed Kemano T2 Tunnel has been generating power since the Operational Commissioning process was successfully completed in the summer. Both tunnels are now operating simultaneously to feed the Kemano Powerhouse after T1 operated on its own for more than 70 years.

This brings to a close what has been an extraordinary project delivered by so many, past and present. I am honored and moved to witness the result of the work of generations of workers over 3 decades. We were grateful to have been presented with the 2022 Tunnel Achievement Award for Project Excellence in September.

This award recognizes successfully completed projects that demonstrate innovation and teamwork and provide benefits to the community, and it is the first time the Tunnel Achievement Award has recognized a private-sector project!

We have completed the demobilization of the project. A small team finalized the last of the non-waterway works during the past weeks.

We have started the implementation of the revegetation plan, about which you will find more information in this Project Update.

Our goal was to deliver the Kemano T2 Project safely, in respect of the environment and surrounding communities, and I can proudly say, mission accomplished!

Alf Garnett, Project Manager
Kemano T2 Project